Florence Magee is a programme manager with experience of large, multi-partner EU projects. Her management focus is on strong processes and clear goals. Thorough evaluation of outcomes plays a crucial role in her outlook, where she uses a solid research base and clear analysis tools to ensure that lessons are extracted for both partners and the industry.

Florence also has bid writing experience, developing successful proposals for large EU and national grants. She is a PRINCE 2 Practitioner and trained in EU procurement.

Clients: SPACE, Cockpit Arts, Four Corners, Photofusion, Craft Central

Florence was the Programme Manager for ‘New Creative Markets’ (NCM) at SPACE (London) from 2012 to 2015. This ERDF-funded programme helped over 500 artists and creative businesses with 1-2-1’s and workshops. She is now at the head of “London Creative Network”, a follow-up European programme running from 2016-2018.

New Creative Markets in figures:

  • £2m budget over 3 years (2012-2015)
  • 598 participants (photographer, artists, designers and designer-makers)
  • 75% completed the programme of 12 hours support
  • 68% of those made sales in new markets and saw an average increase of over 20% in turnover and over 50% in profits
  • 87% felt that the programme made a valuable and lasting impact on their business or practice
  • 94% would recommend it to a peer

“Unlike most advice available to small businesses, the advice has been completely tailored to my individual needs, which has proved particularly invaluable as it means that I’ve had the right advice, exactly when I needed it most” – Designer- New Creative Markets Participant

“I just wanted to express my enormous gratitude for the on-going support of the programme, I can’t tell you quite how different things are now from 6 months ago; I’m working on the kind of projects I was really aspiring to and forming what appear to be lasting relationships with exactly the kind of people that we discussed when we first met.” – Artist- New Creative Markets Participant

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